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Dental Design Service

By Lorant Stumpf



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The Next Level of Digital Dentistry

DDS will take any Digital Dental Clinic or Laboratory to the next level of Digital Dentistry. This unique digital service helping dentists develop the ideal smile design project and integrate this project into the clinical procedures.

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Membrane Technique

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Our very own hard surface combination method, where we can combine the shapes with tooth texture.

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High quality and professional personal customer support.

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Quality & Support

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Photorealistic renderings about the designs means we can check all the small details before any type of production.

Meets the Needs of Both Dental Technicians & Dentists

Dental Design Service is your virtual dental partner that meets the needs of both dental technicians and dentists from all around the world.

Lorant Stumpf

Lecturer, Developer, Creative Design & Milling Service Owner

Lorant Stumpf is a Digital Master Dental technician with 17 years of experience who graduated in College of Dental Technology in 2000. Having worked in Hungary mainly focused on conventional dentistry, however always showed eagerness in learning and incorporating new technologies.

Meet the World Class Technician

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